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Why is it difficult to get intuitive info about yourself?

Thought patterns can stop you from hearing your intuition. Boy does this happen to me a lot. It's attributable to more than just doubt, too.

We all have blind spots in our intuition about ourselves. Our 1st chakra doesn't want hear input about our family, 2nd doesn't want to hear about our partner or money, 3rd doesn't want to hear about our job, 4th doesn't want to hear parts about our children, 5th doesn't want to hear about the way we talk to people, 6th doesn't want to hear about the way we think, 7th doesn't want input from the higher self/Divine about how we are heading in life because any of these things can involve changing. 

Change is anxiety provoking. Like we're getting ready right now to move from Marland to Florida and while it's exciting & will help my physical well being, the change is pretty huge. We are planning to donate most, if not all of our furniture and being human, nervousness creeps up.

Anxiety & intuition are wired…

I Freakin Love Angels!

I took Charles’ ACP (Certified Angel Practitioner) class in New Jersey, March 2011. Since the class, the angels guided me to form groups on Facebook so like minded folks could all come together .

 My oldest passed in 2007. After that The urge to work with the angels grew so strong & intense by January 2011 I knew I had to do something more about it. I knew I was connecting with them but I needed a few more tools and experiences to know how to make the connection firmer. The best instruction/communication that I have had has been in group settings. They seem to act as a catalyst to start the motor. I knew that once my channel is completely there that it would become personalized.

The constant urging, pulling desire, in the most beautiful way got so strong! It started in a big way for me spring2010, got more intense in September 2010 & by January 2011 it was almost constantly on my mind.

In 2010, I was given so many signs:
- finding an angel necklace that I do not ever recall purcha…

From Darkness to Light

Originally posted as a Note on my Facebook wall in 2010.

OK, so people have asked how did I get involved with things that I post like affirmations. Well, to get you started off on my path, 1st I suggest you read a blog I wrote about my oldest son who passed away. Up to the point where that begins I come from a family w/a Jewish father (who is not a practicing Jew, but some of his elder family members were) & Christian mother. I went to Presbyterian Elementary school, Catholic College Prep & Lutheran University. I was a single mother who did a bit of church hopping when my oldest was young & decided to join the Church of Latter Day Saints (Mormon) because of their family values (I had a hard time w/the polygamy in their past).
So now read my blog & I'll try to fill in the gaps from where that ends up to now:
Here's one on my other child (he's been called a "crystal" child & I think my other son was an "ind…