From Darkness to Light

Originally posted as a Note on my Facebook wall in 2010.

OK, so people have asked how did I get involved with things that I post like affirmations. Well, to get you started off on my path, 1st I suggest you read a blog I wrote about my oldest son who passed away. Up to the point where that begins I come from a family w/a Jewish father (who is not a practicing Jew, but some of his elder family members were) & Christian mother. I went to Presbyterian Elementary school, Catholic College Prep & Lutheran University. I was a single mother who did a bit of church hopping when my oldest was young & decided to join the Church of Latter Day Saints (Mormon) because of their family values (I had a hard time w/the polygamy in their past).

So now read my blog & I'll try to fill in the gaps from where that ends up to now:

Here's one on my other child (he's been called a "crystal" child & I think my other son was an "indigo", but I'm not much into labeling), who helps on my current journey. I should write a blog on my path when I get a chance, however, this Note/Blog kinda servers that purpose

Well, up to the point when my son passed, I'd felt I was Christian, yet even at Catholic school in 8th grade we learned about religions of the world & in Lutheran University I had a year long colloquium where we had classes on history, religion, philosophy, & literature from pre-Socratic times to the 80's...these classes taught me that world religions have pretty much all the same values. So, when my son died, he had been really into "Zen" & while I held a funeral for him at the Church of Latter Day Saints, I knew that while he did not embrace the Christian God & Jesus that he was indeed incarnated into just Spirit that still Exists today!

About 6 months following his passing over, a friend of mine held a "psychic" party. An intuitive medium, Dr. Gwen MacGregor, was there & she was able to channel my son. Wow, did that help with the grief! Dr. Gwen tapes her readings, so I bought myself an old Sony Walkman to listen to the cassette, which I've actually done once since then, because it's hard to forget such a powerful message!

I found myself, though, seriously struggling with my spiritual beliefs, as I felt there was more to it than Christian beliefs & I found myself feeling really spiritually un-grounded. I continued to pray to God, but I no longer felt fulfilled or that I had the same spiritual relationship. 

During this time, I occasionally went to grief therapy & had made friends on FB with other grieving mothers. I felt myself healing from grief in many ways, except in a spiritual sense. One day in late 2009 or early 2010 I Googled Dr. Gwen when I wanted to refer a bereaved family to her, but had left her card at home. I found that sometimes she practiced out of a store near my home. Shortly, thereafter, I tore my calf muscle & the physical therapist was struggling w/my inability to relax. At the same time I told my grief therapist I felt the final step in my healing was to get some spiritual re-grounding & she recommended that I look beyond Judeo-Christian beliefs, suggesting possibly researching some Eastern philosophy. My husband brought me home some interesting spiritual magazines that were not of a strict religious nature.

A number of synchronicities then occurred, my dear friend Robin had suggested a book to read for a bit of an online book club & I ventured into the place where Dr. Gwen practiced. There I explained to the lovely owner I was there to learn to relax, as she had a yoga studio w/holistic center, & I explained my spiritual needs. The book I was reading was a non-fiction book about a spiritual friendship that grew between 2 very different people & it resonated very strongly with me & it went hand in hand w/the lovely new home away from home I found with a lot of like minded people who I now love & hold as some of the most awesome people in the universe, that I met at the lovely studio/meta-physical store I mention. That is how my journey began!

So people might ask me what religion am I? Am I still Christian? Well, I believe in most of what Christianity teaches, except for some of the "guilt" stuff. I do believe that Jesus is an Ascended Master, yet I do not believe that being a Christian is the only way to eternal life. I believe that all religions are a path or tool. I consider myself spiritual, but not religious. I find that practicing any rituals out of fear takes me away from spirituality, as I believe that fear takes us away from our Mind, Body, Spirit connection.

My angelic friend Katren was curious as to how I came to the point where I am in my life. I consider myself to be a Lightworker. Thanks for asking Katren, because I'd really been wanting to define it myself!

What's a Lightworker? Well, everyone's a Lightworker whether they know it or not. Just as truth is truth whether anyone knows it or not. Lightworkers are not bound by any religion or ideology. If you're part of a religious organization then so be it. That's just perfect for you. But in this world of form, change is inevitable. There's a vast difference between spirituality & religion. Many religions formed to assist the process of re-awakening in practitioners & followers. They can all point the way, but only serve as tools & methods. The tools used to build the house, are'nt the house. Just as the sun rises each morning, to shine its light into the world, so it is with lightworking. To walk upon the face of the planet lightly, light in spirit & being, & shine love, happiness, tranquillity & peace into the world. To calm the inner turmoil, to just be, and be at one w/ who you truly are, to love & honour life as an expression of divinity, to love all that is, that power some call god, & of course to love yourself & others unconditionally. In this lightworking emanates love, happiness, joy, faith, hope & inspiration into the inner and outer world. 
Many near-death accounts reveal that the religions of this world are merely an external path whose ideal is to lead people inward toward true spirituality. People often confuse religion w/spirituality. Religion is the outward form of worship & spirituality is the inward form of worship. People who have a near-death experience (NDE) often return less religious & more spiritual. I have not personally had NDE, but I truly believe what they have found.

I like to listen to Hay House radio & Oprah's Spiritual podcasts. I like to read non-fiction books published by Hay House.

Anyways that's how I went from the deepest darkest part of my life to where I am now. I'm sure that those of you who read this who are relatives or long time friends or co-workers may have noticed a bit of difference in me, even things that I post here on FB. I still have a wicked sense of humor & still can get seriously P.O.'d sometimes, cuz I'm just a human...I might actually even be more quirky, animated, & whimsical than I ever was before in my life! Thankfully my husband & son completely understand this confusing side of me, as I'd be nothing w/out their support.

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