I Freakin Love Angels!

I took Charles’ ACP (Certified Angel Practitioner) class in New Jersey, March 2011. Since the class, the angels guided me to form groups on Facebook so like minded folks could all come together .

 My oldest passed in 2007. After that The urge to work with the angels grew so strong & intense by January 2011 I knew I had to do something more about it. I knew I was connecting with them but I needed a few more tools and experiences to know how to make the connection firmer. The best instruction/communication that I have had has been in group settings. They seem to act as a catalyst to start the motor. I knew that once my channel is completely there that it would become personalized.

The constant urging, pulling desire, in the most beautiful way got so strong! It started in a big way for me spring2010, got more intense in September 2010 & by January 2011 it was almost constantly on my mind.

In 2010, I was given so many signs:
- finding an angel necklace that I do not ever recall purchasing or receiving in with my necklaces

- I went to get a crystal angel pin out from my pin box & I find a 2nd one that looks just like it in w/my pins that except it is green & I don't recall ever seeing it before

- I have a friend who is a shaman & she was doing some Reiki on me & reading some info from my son, Ben, who passed & says there's this large white angel here, yet she tells me she doesn't really work w/angels

- I just happen to get through on a lark to Lisa Williams on the radio & she says my son Ben is talking to her about me working w/angels

- I went to a day long angel day, the next day I take these super long walks downtown Philly (totally not like me to do alone) & that night I awaken to golden writing on the hotel ceiling in beautiful script right before the hotel fire alarm sounds

- Another friend who is a shaman is doing a group meditation & all of a sudden she says the room is full of angels & starts announcing them & then says that relatives who passed are there in the room w/the angels...later she tells me it was my son Ben who brought them in

That's just a few examples of occurrences in my life during the  few months leading up to the workshop the Certified Angel Practitioner (ACP) that lead me to becoming an ACP!

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