Why is it difficult to get intuitive info about yourself?

Thought patterns can stop you from hearing your intuition. Boy does this happen to me a lot. It's attributable to more than just doubt, too.

We all have blind spots in our intuition about ourselves. Our 1st chakra doesn't want hear input about our family, 2nd doesn't want to hear about our partner or money, 3rd doesn't want to hear about our job, 4th doesn't want to hear parts about our children, 5th doesn't want to hear about the way we talk to people, 6th doesn't want to hear about the way we think, 7th doesn't want input from the higher self/Divine about how we are heading in life because any of these things can involve changing. 

Change is anxiety provoking. Like we're getting ready right now to move from Marland to Florida and while it's exciting & will help my physical well being, the change is pretty huge. We are planning to donate most, if not all of our furniture and being human, nervousness creeps up.

Anxiety & intuition are wired into related areas of the brain. So we end up censoring. We have potential joy & love, but it may involve change, so we may judge it as ridiculous & unwarranted & put it out of our mind. We'll obsess about the details like that can't be going on in my family, how can that be, how could he be having an affair, how could I change my job because I have a retirement fund & couldn't go back to school, etc We get caught up in the details rather than letting ourselves see the right brain potential picture. We can get stuck in shame & feel bad about a certain situation, like focusing on the bleeding & not the healing, where the bleeding represents the shame. We also think that some of the intuition we get about ourselves can't be intuitive hits because we feel we are already happy. 

Does any of this resonate with you? 

Sometimes momentary discomfort gives you a permanently new identity that intuition is part of...it's like the birth process that can cause discomfort but is responsible for a new creation, yet our own chakras will try to protect us from feeling any discomfort, thus blocking us sometimes from relying on intuition. Our chakras don't want us to feel anxiety which is related to fear so our thought process will follow and try to also block our intuition about our self, so it gets censored away. We delude ourselves into thinking 1st chakra 'not happening in my family", 2nd "my marriage is fine", etc.

It's pretty cool to realize that the energy centers in our body are really trying to help us, but the bigger the change we are going through it can make it a bit more difficult to trust our intuition, so there is nothing wrong with seeking advice from someone who has exhibited to you they have great intuition. I have several friends that fall into this category in addition to my husband. I also find a few things can help me to trust my own intuition during times of change such as meditating, asking for a sign from the Angels, my Guides & Spirit, and keeping a log of good intuitive hits you've made.

Right brain is pure emotion & intuition. The left brain can create censors/thoughts to cover up the right brain information as a way to survive. Censoring is a short term survival mechanism but for a long period of time it can be bad because there is another survival mechanism for knowing our intuition & emotion and acting on it. We should take the left brain info bring it to the right brain & eventually act on it. We have left brain sensors so if we are angry or sad for a long time our body will start to let us know we are deluding ourselves by developing symptoms of longer term pain, discomfort, illness or dis-ease. If you fool yourself in multiple chakra centers & try to fool yourself globally we can get a life stopping illness that will force us to listen to our intuition. 

I read in a book I am reading by James Van Praagh about how many intuitives including him can easily get info for others but have a much harder time for themselves. He is one of my favorite intuitives and it just made me feel better that he also has moments of struggling...isn't it funny how out ego loves that reassurance that you are not alone?

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