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I've always hated goodbyes...from being left for the day at preschool to moving cross country...for a dozen years I was a road warrior at work and just leaving home for a night was hard for the 1st decade. So saying goodbye up close & personal was more than I could stand leaving home today. I just stuffed the emotions down...I told the house and garden that I loved them and was taking their spirit with me, but I couldn't look back & walk around, nor could I bring myself to plan a little farewell anything. Except for my next door neighbor, I couldn't even give a goodbye hug to any of my friends...I was going to stop by my office & turn in my cabinet key and key fob, but that would have involved face to face goodbyes, so I will mail them back. I used to think it was silly when you'd hear or read about someone who avoided a farewell gesture because it gave closure, but I understand now. 

So I will say Namaste (the good in me honors the good in you)
Thank you Arc…

Frozen Skin

Chicas of a certain age that wear cosmetics experiencing the extreme weather of this week, if you looked in the mirror & thought what the heck is wrong with my foundation?! Then you analyzed your GUYS SOME OF DO THIS!!  Fret not, it is not your products or routine, but Mother Nature. I decided to concentrate on my eyes, slather the rest of my face in moisturizer (if you notice extra exfoliation, your skin is not molting just getting rid of that extra dead from the extra cold) then found some awesome Josie Maran Argon sticks and slathered them everywhere as well! Once the weather is back to "normal winter" you skin will slowly also return to normal.

Angelic Support

What I know for sure is that there will be circumstances that arise that we do not wish to go through and the Angels are always here to assist with the good and not so good. We just let them know we need support. I chose to do this as affirmative prayers of gratitude, as if the help I seek has already been delivered. This method removes fear from the situation.

There are certain times when we need to experience something. These are lessons, things we wanted to learn before we were born. In these circumstances the Angels cannot prevent the lesson, however, they can support us through it. 
So when stating my prayer, I like to imagine what I want or something better for the highest good of all. I imagine the feeling that I want to feel when the situation has concluded. This helps guide along the spiritual laws of free will/choice, attraction, manifestation and grace.
Thank you Angels for always being there to support me through everything. I am grateful that you continually lead me towar…

Soul Healing: Going Within

On Thursday, 2/12, I had a more difficult time waking & getting up. It just felt like I had no energy. I dove silently into my work as a Department of Defense, Management Analyst at my normal start time of 8 a.m. After about 1.5 hours, I really began feeling super sluggish. I noticed my eyes were stinging and watery. I decided I needed to listen to my body, so I sent a request to use leave to my manager. I set my Out of Office message for email and started wrapping up for the day. I had only worked 2 of my planned 9 hours.

I went to tell my husband I was taking off work ,as I wasn't feeling well, when I noticed my voice was gone. I had a virus a couple of weeks ago & felt the effects of it lingering on, like swollen glands. I've been diagnosed with autoimmune, as I have a speckled ANA pattern. Last year I was going to doctors to attempt to narrow that diagnosis down, as well as, treat some spine problems. It was getting expensive and time consuming. We are hoping a mov…

Where Does Fear Go?

Do you ever stop and look at all the feelings and fears you hide from? Do you ever hide your fear because spiritually you have been told fear is the opposite of love, so you want to choose love? But does the fear really go away or is it just suppressed, pushed down, hidden where you don't see or feel it, but it's really just lingering beneath the surface? How do you know if you conquered it or put it into remission?
Maybe it is time to stop judging even these dark parts of yourself & just acknowledge and accept that you have some fear.
Maybe now is the time to bring your ears to the light so they can move on.
What will you be without your fears? 

Dear Angels, thank you for helping me to be courageous in all situations and to always choose unconditional love, being mindful and aware of my feelings. And so it is.

Makeup Maniac

Why did I go gaga for Younique? To start with I don't like direct sales...I was an Avon Lady & it took over my life, twice! I also sold candles a few years ago & found it kind of overwhelming, so I shied away from another what seemed to be Avon or Mary Kay thing...but I am a cosmetic junkie. 
The love affair began for me at a young age. My mom had been a model & when I was little I loved playing with her cosmetic samples, plus there was this awesome brand called Tinkerbell...yeah I've always been into fairies as you may know, but this brand made cosmetics for little girls...I'd eye up what I wanted at the pharmacy then start talking about and then a special day would arrive when I'd either get to purchase it or I'd receive it as a gift or surprise! That was pre-school! In elementary school it was the strawberry scented lip glosses & my Nanny's sparkly light blue the time I was 12 I could where all the make up I wanted...I would'…

Balancin' Boundaries

I'm in the mood for B, B, B words!
Balance and boundaries, baby!
Huge themes in my life. A big part of balance for me is moderation & it includes boundaries. They wrap around each other, twisting and turning. Presenting me with challenges everywhere I turn.
I have a hard time putting the breaks on and shifting gears...if I'm doing a project at work and it's time to do something else...say like eat lunch or use the restroom...I have a hard time pulling myself away from what I'm doing. This can cause all sorts of problems, like being late or even giving myself a bladder infection.
Then there is the concept of boundaries, that took me a long time to even grasp the concept of...I think the only ones that I've had consistently understood from a really young age on is that you close and lock the bathroom door when you are using the toilet and bathing and also you close the door when you change change your clothes.  That's about it. 
So when you put these two items tog…

Doubting self

When you get sick do you push yourself too hard? I tend to do that. Like voice is gone, I'm all congested, it's difficult to think straight. My head feels light & heavy at the same time and I'm fatigued. I don't think I have a fever but haven't taken my temperature. I have teeny, tiny little ulcers in my mouth. While I know I have a virus, I just kept on working today. I tell myself that I am just fine and doubt my symptoms and just keep on working. 
I have a book by Cheryl Richardson about Extreme Self Care that was recommended to me by some friends and I really need to read it.
Does anyone else do this? Just ignore the signs that your body gives you and keep on going?
Thank you Angels for reminding me to listen to my body when it needs rest. Thank you for bathing me in healing light. And so it is.

Self Love

Everyone wants to be validated. It starts with acknowledging & validating yourself. You need to find to a sense of love & compassion for yourself. It is good to have it for the entire world, but not until you have it for yourself, as well, will you find true happiness & peace of mind. Your life purpose is to unconditionally love all, including you
Don't let this thought cause you discomfort. If you do feel a bit uncomfortable with the thought it's due either to limiting beliefs that were instilled In from family or society and from your ego trying to make you feel less than.
That's OK, just acknowledge it and then know you have some work to do in this area. Archangel Chamuel can help you with love for self and learning unconditional Divne love for all.
Just state something similar to: "Archanel Chamuel thank you for helping me to fully love and accept myself and to learn how to love and be loved unconditionally for the highest good of all. And so it is."


Feeling mixed emotions flooding through me...part of me like we are kids going away to camp...At the same time like we are being released from the constraints of a walled in town where everything repeats like Groundhog Day, except the kids do get older very quickly...then again venturing out where our souls call us to go a bit unknown, yet quite safe, the beginning of our next chapter...and we stand at the precious door finding just the right keys to put into the lock, knowing it will fully open during the next month with anxious anticipation, ready to cross the threshold.
Thank you Angels for helping me to stay aware and mindful of my emotions and for assisting in the manifestation of our move.