Angelic Support

What I know for sure is that there will be circumstances that arise that we do not wish to go through and the Angels are always here to assist with the good and not so good. We just let them know we need support. I chose to do this as affirmative prayers of gratitude, as if the help I seek has already been delivered. This method removes fear from the situation.

There are certain times when we need to experience something. These are lessons, things we wanted to learn before we were born. In these circumstances the Angels cannot prevent the lesson, however, they can support us through it. 

So when stating my prayer, I like to imagine what I want or something better for the highest good of all. I imagine the feeling that I want to feel when the situation has concluded. This helps guide along the spiritual laws of free will/choice, attraction, manifestation and grace.

Thank you Angels for always being there to support me through everything. I am grateful that you continually lead me towards the light and help me learn and recognize lessons along my path, keeping me in mindful awareness for the highest good of all. And so it is.

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