Doubting self

When you get sick do you push yourself too hard? I tend to do that. Like voice is gone, I'm all congested, it's difficult to think straight. My head feels light & heavy at the same time and I'm fatigued. I don't think I have a fever but haven't taken my temperature. I have teeny, tiny little ulcers in my mouth. While I know I have a virus, I just kept on working today. I tell myself that I am just fine and doubt my symptoms and just keep on working. 

I have a book by Cheryl Richardson about Extreme Self Care that was recommended to me by some friends and I really need to read it.

Does anyone else do this? Just ignore the signs that your body gives you and keep on going?

Thank you Angels for reminding me to listen to my body when it needs rest. Thank you for bathing me in healing light. And so it is.

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