Makeup Maniac

Why did I go gaga for Younique? To start with I don't like direct sales...I was an Avon Lady & it took over my life, twice! I also sold candles a few years ago & found it kind of overwhelming, so I shied away from another what seemed to be Avon or Mary Kay thing...but I am a cosmetic junkie. 

The love affair began for me at a young age. My mom had been a model & when I was little I loved playing with her cosmetic samples, plus there was this awesome brand called Tinkerbell...yeah I've always been into fairies as you may know, but this brand made cosmetics for little girls...I'd eye up what I wanted at the pharmacy then start talking about and then a special day would arrive when I'd either get to purchase it or I'd receive it as a gift or surprise! That was pre-school! In elementary school it was the strawberry scented lip glosses & my Nanny's sparkly light blue the time I was 12 I could where all the make up I wanted...I would've loved to have been a make-up artist but I was encouraged to go to college and get a career that involved a college degree. 

So, when I heard about fiber lashes I was interested & began with a department store brand & I liked it. I decided to go to a blogger who specializes in mascara to get her scoop on it and after reading the following I HAD to try it. When I went to my friend's Younique site to order it, I saw I could order an entire kit that included the fiber mascara for a nominal price & did.   OMG...when it arrived I was in Heaven...not only was it totally awesome...the products are natural!! So here I am in love with a new line of cosmetics...yes, I still use some of my fave other brands that do unique things that I'll be I'm all about primer, which this company doesn't make yet, but I am LOVING the innovation & the fact it's natural, easy to use, at my price point & looks & feels Wonderful!!

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