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Cleansing Energy

We just moved homes & cleared our energy of the house we sold, intending to leave only love behind. My oldest son passed a few years go, he was at my parents house when he transitioned, but I had bunches of his belongings at the house we just moved from & he did live there once too, so I gathered all hid items to take to our new home and cleared his energy from that house, also. We are still getting settled in our new space. The 3 of us & our fur babies are all energy sensitive. We all seemed to sense something benevolent, female, from earlier generations at the new house, so I did a house cleansing, both inside & out, using Tibetan bowls & smudging with sage with intention of assisting moving any remaining energy on its healing path, even asking my husband to climb into the rafters. Then I Violet Flamed some salt & sprinkled it along windowsills & across doorways. We set our intentions on love and not fear. We all slept much better after this.

After the h…

Manifesting a Miracle

At this time last year, a combination of health problems and extremely cold weather resulted in me missing a lot of work, using up leave balances, continuously going from one specialist to another, spending a fortune on medical appointments and feeling quite cruddy.

My manager at work and I spoke about the possibility of me filing for a disability retirement, which I really didn't want to do. She suggested I put in for reasonable accommodations, including a change in location to a warmer climate. 
During the last year, I did a lot of affirmative prayers, resulting many times in saying several affirmative prayers, a day. Examples of my affirmative prayers are shown at the end of almost every blog post and on the Facebook pages I manage.
I kept affirming that I would end up in a geographical location, home, and job that was in the highest good of all. At times, it was very difficult and extremely stressful. Yet, I kept faith, hope & the belief alive that I was in the process of …