Cleansing Energy

We just moved homes & cleared our energy of the house we sold, intending to leave only love behind. My oldest son passed a few years go, he was at my parents house when he transitioned, but I had bunches of his belongings at the house we just moved from & he did live there once too, so I gathered all hid items to take to our new home and cleared his energy from that house, also. We are still getting settled in our new space. The 3 of us & our fur babies are all energy sensitive. We all seemed to sense something benevolent, female, from earlier generations at the new house, so I did a house cleansing, both inside & out, using Tibetan bowls & smudging with sage with intention of assisting moving any remaining energy on its healing path, even asking my husband to climb into the rafters. Then I Violet Flamed some salt & sprinkled it along windowsills & across doorways. We set our intentions on love and not fear. We all slept much better after this.

After the house was smudged and full of love a pretty white feather fell out of a book I was reading! That confirmed for me that the Angels were there and the house is bursting with love!

Thank you Great Spirit and Angels for reminding us of the innate healing and cleansing abilities we all have.

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