Manifesting a Miracle

At this time last year, a combination of health problems and extremely cold weather resulted in me missing a lot of work, using up leave balances, continuously going from one specialist to another, spending a fortune on medical appointments and feeling quite cruddy.

My manager at work and I spoke about the possibility of me filing for a disability retirement, which I really didn't want to do. She suggested I put in for reasonable accommodations, including a change in location to a warmer climate. 

During the last year, I did a lot of affirmative prayers, resulting many times in saying several affirmative prayers, a day. Examples of my affirmative prayers are shown at the end of almost every blog post and on the Facebook pages I manage.

I kept affirming that I would end up in a geographical location, home, and job that was in the highest good of all. At times, it was very difficult and extremely stressful. Yet, I kept faith, hope & the belief alive that I was in the process of manifesting whatever was in the highest good of all. During so much of the time, I just had to surrender control to the Universal Life Force, i.e. God and the Angels, as best as I could.

During the past year, I changed career positions. That might not seem a big deal to many, but I'd been in the same career position for over 24 years. I had to have a lot of conversations with my ego along the way, which liked the prestige, career ladder, in addition to the income potential of my previous job description. Yet, it really was quite painless; however, it's something that so many of my colleagues and peers would not and do not understand. I've heard quite a few say, "but you worked hard to get to that point." I am thankful that my self esteem, value and identification is not tied to my job description. I am a soul with very few self inflicted labels.

This year also resulted in the sale of our house. We helped design the layout of that home and there were many things that we loved about it. My affirmative daily prayers always included gratitude for our home. We lived in it for over a dozen years. My youngest son, who is a teenager, pretty much only remembers living in that house, as we moved into it when he was just a few years old. We left behind family and friends. We surrendered control to the Universe, trusting only the best lay ahead of us. Just preparing to sell a house can be overwhelming, but we did it.

We moved about 1,000 miles south. It really feels like a miracle! Though we'd only seen a few photos on the Internet of the home we now live in, we had hope, faith and believed what we were in the process of manifesting was for the highest good of all. Right this minute a huge winter storm is impacting the home I lived in & we owned just a week ago, but we are now in a beautiful home (still without furniture & most of our Earthly possessions, but that is fine) where it's warm & the sun is shining. I feel so much better than I did health-wise and I have several methods to stay in contact with friends and family.

A key factor in manifesting for me, is to know the feeling I intend to create and assume that feeling. So I concentrated on creating the feeling in my mind of wellness. I selected periods in my life when I felt healthy and added to it feeling carefree and debt free. I also assumed an attitude of gratitude and expressed it as being grateful as if what I was creating had already occurred. 

Thank you Mother/Father God and Angels for taking control and helping us manifest a miracle of change. I am grateful I can surrender all my needs to you and know we will be provided for! And so it is!

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