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#ImNoAngel #ImNoModelEither #IAmProudToBeMe

Here's the deal...get real people of all different shapes & sizes out there. Embrace your body! If 10 of my friends post a black & white selfie in their underclothes with the tags #ImNoAngel and  #ImNoModelEither#IAmProudToBeMe, then I will too. I'm so tired of my body hating...I've actually been nervous that summer in FL will be so humid that my fave dolman tops (they cover my upper arms) will be too hot & I might end up having to feel humiliated wearing sleeveless tops...honest, I've been quite pre-occupied with that, even whilst saying angel prayers. I've found people I look up to spiritually are still quite judgmental about those of us that are plus-size...I know the same thing happens to people that are extremely thin too & the focus should be on health, not shape or size & frankly, if someone chooses to do something that is not viewed as healthy, that is their choice. I gave up judging others a while ago & will do my best to stop jud…