Surrender? Oh, now I get it!

Well, it's been about 6 months since I posted. When we 1st arrived at our new home, I challenged myself to attend some spiritual & family events to make some new like minded friends. Additionally, due to my love of cosmetics & the change of climate, I immersed myself in researching the best products to use. I chose a new physician & dove into a new health regime, taking up most of my spare time, of which I plan to write about soon.  My new routine had me walking on beaches daily & diving into the Medical Mediums recommendations.

Mid-summer I found myself feeling unfulfilled. Letting my angels lead the way, I began seriously studying happiness. Dr. Robert Holden is one of my main happiness gurus. I marinated in his Hay House Shift Happens and Coaching Happiness courses! I was getting in touch with my Eternal Loveliness and my Bliss! 

While learning about true happiness, I stumbled upon a book called Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender, by David R Hawkins at the same time as a website Learn Letting Go  by Doree Blake . The lightbulb in my head went off, as I reviewed that site & read that book. 

Surrender had been a spiritual concept, that I had a hard time figuring out. I would get confused as it sounded logical, but I couldn't figure out how to do it. I felt like I was always just ignoring emotions that I surrendered. Waving a white flag & giving up is what would come to mind and I don't fashion myself as a "giver upper". But that's before I read the Letting Go book and visiting the  Learn Letting Go  website.

My Aha! Moment, was when I realized that you do not need to express, repress, suppress or escape from negative emotions or things that you want to manifest. You simply accept what you are feeling while noticing the physical sensations in your body. Consciously breathe into the bodily sensations produced, with the intention of letting go of the feelings and emotions. If thoughts arise while consciosly breathing just Shhh! them or imagine them floating away in little bubbles. Most emotions pass in 90 seconds. 

As I've been doing this I notice that older emotions, which are the results of long held limiting beliefs, that rise to the surface sometimes feel like the sensations are stuck. To release the more stubborn emotions and feelings (along with the underlying beliefs), while consciously breathing into them, if they don't release after a couple minutes, I find that tapping on Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) points helps. I have added a few EFT points in, that aren't taught by many of today's EFT teachers, but were when EFT 1st arose. These are the pain/power point, wrist point, below nipple point, thumb, index finger, middle finger & baby finger points. I do this without the traditional EFT statements, as I attempt to keep my cognitive left hemisphere from storytelling, so I continue to shhh! thoughts. On occasion if a few rounds of tapping without statements doesn't work, I'll add them in as well.

Thus far my results have been very good, though I have had a few days where my smaller egoic self has responded with making me feel emotionally uncomfortable. This seems quite normal based on the reading I've been doing.

I'm so excited that my path to wellness, has lead me to connecting with my happy higher self & taught me the method of surrender that makes total sense to me.

Thank you Angels for leading me to an easy way to surrender.

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