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Synchronicities Baby!

I used to call them the "themes of the day" or week, you know when a certain word suddenly repeats itself in unrelated ways or a certain person or place gets your attention over and over or that wacky number shows up all over the place?!? I've learned these are synchronicities. Wayne Dyer said "There’s no coincidence. In fact, coincidence itself is a mathematical term. Remember in geometry, they would say that two angles that coincide, fit together perfectly – so now we’ve taken a term that means ‘two things that fit together perfectly’ and interpreted it to mean ‘something that fits together accidentally.’ We’ve just reversed the whole concept of coincidence – it’s co-in-side."
Synchronicity reminds me the Universe is there guiding me and sometimes it has a meaning, a deeper message, while at other times it's just confirmation that we're all part of something bigger. We're all connected in a crazy cosmic web.
Ugh, OK, now I want to upload a picture f…

Remember to Breathe

I have been away manifesting and taking care of family issues. Technology changes so fast. The cute app I used to create the fun pics I was posting to my blog was bought out by another company and I can't make the comic type strips anymore, but I'm hoping I can still create some of the scenes with the avatar of myself! Also, the app to manage my blog is no longer being sold and maintained for my device, so hopefully using this handy dandy mobile browser interface will work.
During my absence, I suffered blogging writer's block. Then I went through a phase where I was creating posts for my Facebook Pages and then the dreaded creativity block completely took me over. Today I created this little post with great hopes that inspiration will continue. I've been using Ho'oponopono and some other tools, I shall discuss, to reignite my creative spark.
So I'm back for now and it feels great!
I was asked what I do when I get monkey mind 🐒. Here is my answer:
I keep a little …