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Divine Sparks

There is a Divine spark in all of us that does not identify with color nor race nor gender nor religion nor age. It is Unconditional Love that has no fear. It is not only in all of us. It runs through us all and while most cannot see it with their physical eyes, it unites us all together.We can be blind and deaf to this spark, but once we come to know it something happens. We start to feel its glow, see its warmth. Sometimes it's so quiet and other times it's deafening. Yet, when we think we are coming to really be perceptive of it, we can end up feeling the most doubt. As soon as we start to think we know it the best is when we can suddenly start questioning whether it is real or if it's our imagination.It feeds us in a way that nothing else can. When we forget about that spark, we mistake the hunger to connect with it as a longing to be quenched by substances and forms that can turn into addictions or hoarding or constant longing to fill that void that feels like unhappi…

Feeling Drained

Inspired by Anita Moorjani on 4/12/2017
Recharge Your Batteries
Even though all of us are connected to Source at all times, you can drain your batteries or you can be more energized.
Maybe we're actually serving a belief where we don't realize there's another belief in the background that's actually working against us. 
If you find it hard to say no and end up doing things that you don't want to do and every time you find it hard to say no you think, just do it cuz it's easier than saying no and dealing with conflict, then you are being drained. In other words, if you are more of a conflict avoidant type person chances are you also have beliefs you don't realize are running in the background. This means you'd rather disappoint yourself than disappoint others. You find it easier to disappoint yourself than disappoint others. You're also very likely to find yourself running very low on energy.Are you also terrible at setting boundaries?Do you let oth…

Testing a New Blog Publisher

Image The Blogo app is working on my iPad! Yippee 🎉

The River Otter Begins My Year!

TOO COOL: My 1st sign of 2017, a river otter greeting me when I looked out the window! After researching the meaning it's my totem of the year! It brings:Joy
Transition Agility Initiation Energy Fun Curiosity Fearlessness Creativity Self-Security Dexterity Confidence Protection Libido Friendship Divine Feminine Playfulness Motivation
As I was falling asleep last night, I was listening to the concept of being in between, the space between. The concept deals with neither here, nor there. It is the in-between. A good example in nature of in between in time/space includes twilight, which is the name we gave the pregnant cat who wandered up one cold night, left us her litter and ran away. She appeared at twilight. It is neither day, nor night. I mention this because when I looked up otter symbolism it spoke to liminal/in between essence. Why? Because where the water meets the earth is a liminal space. There is a tiny space between water and land that is neither wholly wet or entirely dry…