The River Otter Begins My Year!

TOO COOL: My 1st sign of 2017, a river otter greeting me when I looked out the window! After researching the meaning it's my totem of the year! It brings:

Transition Agility Initiation Energy Fun Curiosity Fearlessness Creativity Self-Security Dexterity Confidence Protection Libido Friendship Divine Feminine Playfulness Motivation

As I was falling asleep last night, I was listening to the concept of being in between, the space between. The concept deals with neither here, nor there. It is the in-between. A good example in nature of in between in time/space includes twilight, which is the name we gave the pregnant cat who wandered up one cold night, left us her litter and ran away. She appeared at twilight. It is neither day, nor night. I mention this because when I looked up otter symbolism it spoke to liminal/in between essence. Why? Because where the water meets the earth is a liminal space. There is a tiny space between water and land that is neither wholly wet or entirely dry. Hence, it is a liminal space, a space between, which goes back to what I was listening to in between last year & this year. What a wonderful way to start this year!

From "Given this nifty little attribute, it's no wonder the otter is considered to be a powerful symbol of initiation - especially in Native American lore, as well as Celtic legend. Ojibwa tribes are purported to call upon the spirit of the otter in birth, death and marriage ceremonies. They recognized these are major points of transition. A tribe member requires initiation from one phase of life into the next. Because the otter is adept at moving in-between (liminal spaces), it's a perfect energy to call upon when moving between two stages of life...The otter is your go-to guide for initiation and transformational phases in life."

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