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Feeling Drained

Inspired by Anita Moorjani on 4/12/2017
Recharge Your Batteries
Even though all of us are connected to Source at all times, you can drain your batteries or you can be more energized.
Maybe we're actually serving a belief where we don't realize there's another belief in the background that's actually working against us. 
If you find it hard to say no and end up doing things that you don't want to do and every time you find it hard to say no you think, just do it cuz it's easier than saying no and dealing with conflict, then you are being drained. In other words, if you are more of a conflict avoidant type person chances are you also have beliefs you don't realize are running in the background. This means you'd rather disappoint yourself than disappoint others. You find it easier to disappoint yourself than disappoint others. You're also very likely to find yourself running very low on energy.Are you also terrible at setting boundaries?Do you let oth…